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Connect Teams with public Skype


Many “public” users still use Skype with their hotmail historical account.

In certain contexts, it is required to be able to provide accounts to exchange video with these Skype accounts. One solution is to create Skype accounts, but creating many Skype accounts is complicated.

It is then easier to use a Teams account (from your MS365 tenant) and to allow communication between Teams and Skype.

The following paragraph specifies the configuration and limits of this interconnection.

Configuration et use cases

For Teams interconnection Skype, the guest account system does not need to be active in your MS365 tenant.

You just need to activate the communication between Teams and Skype in the “External access” settings of your Teams organization.

Once this is in place, the SRV type DNS records relating to the SIP federation must be configured. You can find these records in your MS365 domain setup page. You must configure these records for the domain used for the user’s login. If the login is different from the user’s email address, it is necessary to configure the DNS on the login domain.

Below is an example of configuration with DNS hosted by IONOS company :

Once these DNS records are in place, after a certain delay, a Skype user will be able to contact a Teams user by contacting them with their MS365 account (which corresponds to their SIP address).

The Teams user will get a notification to allow communication with the Skype user. Once the Teams user authorizes the Skype user they will be able to communicate with the following limits:

  • Ability to exchange text messages
  • Ability to make voice and video calls
  • Unable to put photos or files in text messages
  • Unable to edit or delete sent messages in Teams

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